BuildorPro wants to bring HTML/CSS editing to the cloud – we have invites

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Web designers have to deploy their finished work in a web browser so perhaps it makes sense to move the design tools themselves to the browser too.

That’s the thinking behind BuildorPro, which claims to be the first browser-based, web design and development environment with built in HTML/CSS tools. Or, for seasoned web designers out there, think Coda or Espresso but in the cloud. The app, from London-based startup Buildor, is currently in closed invite-only Beta but we have 300 invites to give away.

Aside from a HTML/CSS editor, BuildorPro can be used to visually mock-up quick web design prototypes but with the advantage that they are actual web pages – remember, the whole thing runs in a web browser – retaining proper web font rendering, liquid layouts and the like. However, that’s not to confuse the app with a WYSIWYG web page builder like Weebly or Yola, or something as bloated as Dreamweaver (do people really still use Dreamweaver?).

Instead, BuildorPro is aimed at professional web designers and developers as a replacement for existing tools used to write the HTML and CSS markup for new web pages or managing the mark up of their existing web sites. And, as already alluded to, because the app itself runs in a web browser, the results of that markup can be previewed instantly, as live, instead of the back and forth often associated with desktop tools or the complete mismatch sometimes displayed by the likes of Dreamweaver. That’s the argument anyway.

Another neat and potentially time saving feature of BuildorPro is the ability to pull in and edit a site’s existing markup. Anybody who has used a tool like the Firefox add-on FireBug will know how useful it is to edit markup in realtime but with BuildorPro you actually get to keep any changes you make. Again, that has the potential to speed up the process.

Buildor is founded by Bart Milner and James Law who are bootstrapping the company. In terms of revenue model, once BuildorPro exits Beta it will become a subscription-based service, though pricing is yet-to-be announced and it’s possible that there may be a free version of sorts or some kind of freemium offering.

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  • jon

    in for invite!

    • Elchesco

      Count me in

  • Francis Bik

    I think BuildorPro is like dream W! But I really excited to see it.

  • james

    It is a very interesting concept. I don’t believe I have seen anything quite like it before. I tried the lite version.

  • Ian

    Interesting — it asked me to confirm my email address so I typed it in again, it then asked me to confirm it again a third time, so I did, at which it complained that I’ve entered it too many times!

    • Craig Sparks

      You have to confirm it by checking your email and clicking the link that they send. Web 101 ;)

      • motmaitre

        After typing is e-mail address in once, he should have got a pop-up message saying an e-mail had been sent, which he should click on to verify.

        Web design 101 :-)

  • bbcversus

    Count me in, seems like a real promising tool easy to use and powerful nonetheless.

  • nwolisag

    Will love an invite.

  • erp

    I signed up!

  • vKmC

    Excellent article! … I’d love to try that tool, pls count me for the invitations!

  • Naeco

    Invite, please.

  • Alex J-C

    I would love an update for this, might really help with my web design class.

  • Zoi Marmara

    Sounds interesting. I’d like to have a closer look. Thank you for the invite! :)

  • LeGaS

    Count me in for an invite!

  • Sébastien Breitner

    Sounds interesting ! Thanks for the invite :)

  • Jay Smith

    Compatible with Mobile Safari on iPad? Count me in! Would love an invite to give it a whirl.

  • R27

    thanks for the invite!

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  • Jerry Hewett

    > claims to be the first browser-based, web design and development
    > environment with built in HTML/CSS tools

    Been there, done that.

  • JasonKruger

    I am so excited about moving to the cloud! Great idea.

    • JasonKruger

      oh, forgot to ask for an invite!

  • Avi Muchnick

    Congrats James and Bart! It looks fantastic!

  • Jake

    I would love to have an invite!

  • James Law

    Hi – thanks for all the support so far.

    Those asking for invites, the TechCrunch specific invites that we will be sending out in the next 24 hours or so are all gone. You can still sign up but your invite will take a while longer to come:

    @Avi – thanks a million! Will dive back into suite and see if there are some tie-ins now we’re up and running.

    James Law – Buildor

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  • useDisqusPlease

    I would like an invite, thanks.

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