Angry Birds Day, Dec 11 – Something big is going down in London…

By now you will have heard about the first official Angry Birds Day when lovers of that crazy iPhone/Android game come together to celebrate the ongoing war between the birds and the pigs.

However, well placed sources told us yesterday that something big was going down on that day, specifically in London’s Trafalgar Square. Now, this is becoming a big venue to launch big games, especialy console games. Here’s the spectacular Halo Reach launch with guys in JetPacks earlier this year.

There is speculation that Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 will be anounced on the day. There is also speculation that the game’s developer, Rovio Mobile, will launch a games console version or that it will spin out a movie.

Actually personally I think that maybe, just maybe, something different is going on. Here’s why.

The Finland-based company, headed up by Mikael Hed (CEO) and Niklas Hed (COO), has brought on Peter Vesterbacka as head of business development for North America.

Now, Peter is a fascinating guy. He was the founder of HP Bazaar – HP’s skunk works attempt a few years ago to dominate mobile. He also co-founder Mobile Monday, Mobile 2.0 and several other web and mobility related busines ventures. He’s a big believer in open source platforms and, from my conversations with him, is very much of the view that games consoles will be disrupted by the Internet and open source. Because, in the end, what you really want to do as a games developer is to get your platform out there. Couple that with the rise of virtual goods and in-app payments and, quite frankly, who needs console platforms any more? All you really want to do is own the customer/gamer relationship and billing channel.

Now, I am not saying that a movie, Windows 7 version or a console version of Angry Birds won’t launch on December 11th. But I am saying that is it plausible to expect something far more disruptive from Rovio, given it’s history and team to date.

And right now, the Trafalgar Square meetup is the biggest on the whole day. Just saying…