Nokia expands management team with a CMO: Verizon vet Jerri DeVard

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Nokia has appointed Jerri DeVard as Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, a new role that comes into effect as of January 1.

DeVard is a 25-year marketing vet, with relevant experience in the telecom industry – she served as Senior Vice President for Marketing and Brand Management at Verizon from 2003 to 2007.

DeVard started her own marketing consultancy agency, called DeVard Marketing Group and based in New York. As a Principal at the firm, she provided counsel to Microsoft, among other consumer-focused companies. I mention that, of course, because Nokia’s new CEO, Stephen Elop, hails from the Redmond software company.

DeVard will join Nokia’s Group Executive Board and report to Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President and head of Nokia’s Markets unit.

Prior to Verizon, DeVard served as Chief Marketing Officer for Citigroup’s e-consumer business and before that held senior marketing positions in Revlon and Harrah’s Entertainment.

She holds a degree in Economics from Spelman College and an MBA in Marketing from Clark Atlanta University.

On a sidenote: DeVard has also applied her experience in fund-raising efforts as part of the Barack Obama presidential campaign.

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  • andraz

    not sure if hiring telco people is the right way to go.

  • donfelipe

    Does Nokia North America still exist? I hardly see any new Nokia phones on the streets. My advice to Jerri DeVard is to get all the money she can get from Nokia because Nokia North America will not be around for too long. IPhone, Android and Blackberry have killed Nokia. Even Phone 7 has more users than Nokia.

  • PookieBadMuffin

    Uh, Lady Chablis?

  • jason

    Great Nokia! Now you have a new CMO that brings the same old same old to the table. You need to look for industry outsiders.

    I am guess the discussion sounded something like this…”We need some fresh blood with new ideas….as long as they aren’t to fresh or to new.”

    Big corporations are clueless.

  • jave

    Why the long face sweetheart?

  • iamnotpretending

    That’s a man, I swear to god.

    • adam varona

      No you are wrong. That’s a SHim…

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  • Jo Saccs

    Should be interesting to see how this turns out.

  • WulfCry

    She’s up to a challenge lets hope that pretty smile knows how to show some teeth, Consumers are a rare breed of cuddle some like it hot others like it cheap most go for its almost similar see?.
    So whats on her mind.

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  • Aad 't Hart

    Nokia needs the best people it can find. Too bad I didn’t get a call yet:

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  • jomamas

    BS ex-Microsoft execs only recognize other corporate BS in the form of this no doubt super communicator.

    But how does hiring a marketing person from a UTILITY COMPANY with the WORST BRANDING of all fortune 500 companies make things at Nokia better?

    Nokia is going down the tubes.

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