Easy expense tracking with Plendi's mobile app

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A new startup out of Ireland, Plendi, helps people track their business expenses using their mobiles.

Here’s how it works: You take a photo of a receipt using Plendi’s iPhone or Android app.

Costing €10 a month, Plendi does all the work, storing vendor, date, currency, net, VAT and total because it’s a kind of ‘Mechanical Turk meets Shoeboxed‘, using real people to interpret the receipts instead of OCR.

Customers can organize and filter their expenses and create Excel or PDF exports. It handles multi currency and tracks VAT.

Competitors include Expensify and Expensecloud.

  • http://twitter.com/rodolfor Rodolfo

    Using real people? They could have licensed Spinvox’s platform then.

    Too soon?

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  • Anonymous

    At the risk of self-promotion I’d also add in Receipt Bank and Keebo as UK-based competitors.

    Disclosure – I work for Receipt Bank.

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    Its really great guys that Plendi helps people track their business expenses using their mobiles. I really liked thisarticle guys. 


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