Greed? No, Video Is Good, As Oliver Stone Invests In Platform

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Vzaar, an online video platform aimed at SMEs that want to publish video, has been plugging away since 2007, but seemed to go in an odd direction – aiming at eBay sellers who wanted to sex-up their auctions. Needless to say it was the low end of the market and eBay auctioneers tend not want to spend money on a dedicated video platform outside of free ones like YouTube. But after bringing in new management, new CEO Stephen McCluskey, formerly with PA consulting group, has pivoted the company towards a more upstream market and gone out looking for new funding.

Through various twists and turns on that funding road it’s now found further funding – terms undisclosed – through a slightly left-field source, namely Hollywood director Oliver Stone, famous for movies on The Doors, JFK and Wall Street. He’s invested alongside existing investor Sophrosyne Ventures LLP.

The investment came about through Stone’s longstanding relationship with John Moreton, one of vzaar’s major investors.

Normally that’s where the story peters out, but Stone has gone one further than most investors – filming an actual commercial for the company when he was in London attending the premiere of ‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’

Apparently, Stone’s rational was that even though there is a rivarly between online video and cinema, he is interested in the issues around wider content distribution.

Vzaar natural competitors are now Kyte, Kaltura, Viddler, LongTailVideo and new arrival 23 Video, but, I’m told Vzaar’s sales are up in their new $50 up to $1500 offering. It now has 1,200 customers worldwide.

Just don’t mention “greed is good” or even “I liked it so much, I bought the company”.

  • http://www.thedjbook.com Matt Auckland

    Wow, congrats guys. Bit of a coup to net such a respected Hollywood Director as an investor, and get an advert to boot. That should drive sales up :)

    • http://www.vzaar.com Stephen McCluskey

      Thanks Matt, yes we’re really pleased. Oliver was great to work with and it’s super to have him in the team!
      CEO vzaar

  • http://netwatch.tv/streaming/websites/2010/11/23/greed-no-video-is-good-as-oliver-stone-invests-in-startup/ Greed? No, Video Is Good As Oliver Stone Invests In Startup | NetWatch.TV

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  • http://applicake.com/ Dorota

    Once again Applicake developers did the very good job!

    • http://www.vzaar.com Stephen McCluskey

      Hi Dorata,

      You’re right, Applicake rock! Thank you so much for your cool and crafty coding!

      CEO vzaar

  • http://vzaar.com Ian James Snead

    Thanks Matt. We had a fun day filming the video with OS. Next week I will post a video we filmed of us building the set…

  • http://crunchynow.com Crunchynow

    oh…this is cool news…..

  • http://www.ianschafer.com Ian Schafer

    I think it’s because of TechCrunch’s domination of the media that we are talking about Oliver Stone.

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  • Andreas Duess

    I looked at vzaar for our own streaming needs, but their charging model didn’t make sense for us. We ended up going with videopress, the WordPress video streaming service, instead.

    vzaar looked like a nice product, but was just too expensive.

  • http://applicake.com Ela Madej

    Congratulations guys! It’s very exciting news indeed, good to hear Vzaar is nailing it!

  • http://www.travelstormer.com George Coltart

    Well done guys, great video as well. Im sure he had some production resources on hand to help out!

  • Ian C

    I tried a few video sites but vzaar seemed way too basic. I went for Buto TV (also Brits) for our sites and so far so good.

  • http://www.distilled.co.uk Will Critchlow

    We use Vzaar to host the videos of our webinars and have always had exceptional support from them. I love the features they keep rolling out (e.g. mailchimp integration etc).

    Looking forward to where they go with the new funding.

    Good luck guys.

  • http://www.tnrcommunications.co.uk/ Penny Joyner

    Fantastic news Vzaar Team! TNR have been working with Vzaar for 18 months now and have always been a great service, support and video hosting model for our TNR website. We are loving the new features that continuosly being updated and added and we look forward to seeing what comes next!

    Keep up the great work!

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