Twago raises "six-digit Euro" sum for its outsourcing platform

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Twago, which provides a “global online intermediation platform” for services in the areas of IT, design, and business support, has received backing from a Frankfurt, Germany-based investment group from the private banking sector. The exact amount isn’t being disclosed but is described as in the “six-digit” Euros, while the actual investors are also remaining coy.

However, that isn’t stopping Twago talking up its valuation – said to have risen to a multi-million Euro figure in just one year – or its average monthly growth rate of 40 percent.

Twago, based in Berlin, offers a platform for mediated services that range from programming, graphic and web design, and translations to research enquiries. It helps those looking for outsourcing by providing a marketplace along with features to manage the project, including tools for accountability and mediation if things go wrong, as well as handling transactions.

Additionally, the company is betting on a multilingual approach, offering versions of its platform in English, German and, most recently, Italian. Twago also says that it’s in the process of further market entries in Europe, which should come to fruition shortly.

  • Ryan

    I’m a HUGE user of odesk and I just wonder where their USP is, or is it just relying on the multilingual side of things? I would just like to know what would pull me from odesk onto Twago?

    • pro

      Hello Ryan. Twago provides less fee for their services. and you can’t compete with Indians guys who lower bids than it should be…

  • Robert,

    Hi Ryan,
    I’m with twago.
    The advantage of twago is the focus on European buyers. Most of the projects on twago are being posted by European customers.
    On the service provider side, we have different focus groups. Many of our European customers would like to work with local service providers, which they find on twago. On the other hand, many want conduct real outsourcing/offshoring and work with service providers from all over the world. That’s also possible through twago.
    Don’t know whether you’re a freelancer/service provider or buyer. As a freelancer you can find European customers and therefore widen your customer base. If you’re someone looking for a freelancer/service provider, you can not only find European experts, but from all over the world.

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    This article has been posted last year. Is there any update that you can share about this?

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