Navigate Black Friday Crowds With Milo's Real-Time Product Inventory And Deal Tracker

While the deals are great, Black Friday crowds are the worst. You have to get up at the crack of dawn, suffer madness in parking lots, only to fight with other shoppers over a limited quantity of marked down items. Today, Milo is giving you a tool that could help you avoid Black Friday crowds by checking product-inventory before you head to the mall or shopping center.

On a designated Black Friday landing page, Milo will aggregate and track Black Friday
discounts at national merchants, so shoppers can know when sale items sell out and where they remain in-stock. And Milo promises that all of these inventory listings are updated in real-time.

The Black Friday page aggregates sale prices and availability for more than 5,000 products, ranging from electronics and toys to apparel and home goods. To
access the limited-time deals and see if a product is available with a special offer, shoppers can either browse the homepage or use the Black Friday filter, located on the sidebar of search pages.

Milo, which includes real-time inventory information for over 52,000 national retailer locations, says that you can also use the company’s newly released Android app to access Black Friday deal updates as well.