myThings scores $6 million in funding for personalised retargeting technology

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MyThings, which provides personalised retargeting services, this morning announced that it has raised $6 million in their third round of funding. The financing round was led by T-Venture, Deutsche Telekom’s venture capital arm, with participation of previous backers Accel Partners, Carmel Ventures, Dot Corp and GP Bullhound.

MyThings, founded in 2005, claims its technology is capable of increasing return conversion rates of online retailers by more than 500%. Its proprietary optimisation technology is currently being used by leading European retailers such as Price Minister, Republic, PIXMania, Etam and Orange, and its total reach is said to surpass 1 billion monthly impressions these days.

What myThings’ platform does basically comes down to facilitating serving personally tailored ads to website visitors in real-time, based on a range of performance-enhancing variables. It all boils down to retargeting, an increasingly popular means of online advertising whereby a retailer’s website visitors are effectively ‘retargeted’ while they browse the Internet, using non-personally identifiable information to match relevant ads with people.

Deutsche Telekom says it got involved with the company because its own strong presence in digital media ; the company says its web properties are visited by some 27 million unique users per month, and they also own InteractiveMedia, a marketer of digital media in Germany.

MyThings was founded by CEO Benny Arbel, former Associate Vice President for multi-billion dollar NASDAQ-100 company Comverse, and has raised a total of $19 million to date.

The fresh capital will be used to scale myThings’ sales, marketing and R&D operations throughout Europe. The company’s main offices are located in London, Paris and Tel Aviv.

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    Personalised display advertising solutions from MyThings ensure that every single impression, for every single ad, is optimised with content that is most relevant to the viewer.

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  • Andy Nathan

    So basically they are funding a company that stops people from leaving their site by shining cool objects in front of them, so they will buy. Correct?

  • Shachar Radin Shomrat

    Hello Andy,

    Thank you for your comment.

    myThings does not prevent any visitor from leaving an online retailer website, nor does it try to do so

    Through myThings’ media partnerships and media network, we are able to target visitors who have left an online retailer website,
    and engage them with personalized banners that greatly increase the likelihood of visitors’ return to the retailer’s website to complete a purchase.

    These personalised banners are generated in real time and feature products that are predicted to be relevant to the visitors,
    based on aggregated analysis of past interactions with the retailer’s website.
    The higher relevancy of the offering increases the banner’s performance.

    you are welcome to read more about our offering at

    Shachar Radin Shomrat
    VP of Marketing, myThings

  • Kyle K

    Do you know how they ended up at an estimate of 500% conversion increase? It would be interesting to know if it’s another prediction, similar to how they predict which items would appeal to consumer for their subsequent banner. If not, and it was done through primary research (fielded research), i would love to know how many individuals were accounted for before this conclusion was arrived upon. Also, the generalizability of these figures; if you did use a sample to determine the potential increase in conversion, were they unique to one city? one country? europe? Just a question as you do point out that every individual is unique and if you are suggesting that your findings which allowed you to suggest 500% conversion was only done with a unique sample, there may be some issues moving abroad, i.e., North America, etc…

  • AceOfBase

    Retargeting technology is basically the following – You visit a retailer searching for a new LED screen. You view some options and then decide to continue browsing the web. You enter a sports site to check the latest scores of your favorite team – on the side you will see an ad for a LED screen from the previous retailer you visited. This “ad retargetting” will continue for up to X exposures. As the ad is relevant to a past search you made makes the conversion rates higher. However, there are some problems – if you visit a diet site, do you want to be constantly followed by diet ads? If you visit a porn site, do you want to be constantly surrounded by porn ads? etc, etc…

    Chapo for the round though, its not trivial to close a round these days…

    • john abercrombie

      >> You visit a retailer searching for a new LED screen. You view some options and then decide to continue browsing the web. You enter a sports site to check the latest scores of your favorite team – on the side you will see an ad for a LED screen from the previous retailer you visited.

      Sounds intriguing. How does myThings know I perused a LED screen on Pixmania and, subsequently, sauntered over to NewYorkPost?

  • Johnboy

    Had dealings before with Criteo who do pretty much the same thing.

    Conversion rates from these ads are higher than normal banner ads but this is reflected in the price too which is usually a much higher CPC.

    Also what is to say that the customer was not going to come back and make the purchase anyway without clicking on the banner.

    The concept is good (though not unique) but the 500% conversion rates increase such schemes quote is far from an accurate reflection of what you get for your money.

  • Shachar Radin Shomrat

    Thank you for your comments.

    Kyle – the 500% uplift in conversion rates quoted in the article reflect increase in exposed users’ return conversion rates, compared to non-exposed users. They are based on billions of impressions. This sample size is significantly bigger than is required to qualify as a statistically representative sample of the European countries in which we operate: Uk, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. As for generalisation to North America – according to recent surveys by ComScore, traditional retargeting’s impact on website visitations and brand related searches is similar in Europe and in the U.S.

    AceofBase – thank you for your greetings. Regarding your question – we do not work with Porn sites. We focus mainly on retail, travel and telecommunication verticals.

    Johnboy – while Criteo works on CPC basis, myThings works on a CPA basis. With myThings, advertisers pay only for actual sales generated by the personalised retargeting campaign.

    Shachar Radin Shomrat
    VP of Marketing, myThings

  • Karen Dayan

    Congratulations MyThings on your funding.

    Regarding the discussion on CPA vs. CPC. What is great about CPC is that it is a completely objective measurement – with no “view-through” calculations involved. With Criteo’s Online Performance Optimization Platform, and advertiser can adjust their CPC as needed (24/7) to hit their ideal cost-of-sales (COS) goal. Happy to answer any specific questions anyone has about Criteo’s solution or business model.

    Karen Dayan
    VP Marketing

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  • Serviceramo

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