Forkly Unstealths Itself: A Mobile Recommendation Network For Your Tastebuds

Back in September, we broke the news that not only had two of location startup Brightkite’s founders left the company, but that they were working on a new project together. While we weren’t able to dig up much about the new startup at the time, we did learn that it was called Forkly. Today, co-founder Brady Becker is opening up a bit more. “We’re hungry, and this time it’s personal,” he writes.

So what is Forkly? Essentially, it’s a recommendation app for finding food. But unlike the popular Foodspotting, which focuses on individual dish pictures, Forkly is focusing on personalized restaurant recommendations based on your own tastes.

How exactly they’re going to do this is still a bit vague. Becker writes that the current power players that rely on star ratings from people you don’t know is a flawed system. And he also says that simply asking your social graph is flawed too because friends have different tastes. Here’s the key part:

We’re building Forkly to make it ridiculously easy to match your taste buds with the food and restaurants around you. Forkly helps you to quickly capture your opinions about your dining experiences. We then use those opinions to offer personalized restaurant, food and drink recommendations, based on YOUR individual tastes.

So it sounds like they’ll have an app which will allow you to quickly rate a restaurant and its food based on certain criteria. They’ll then match those criteria against others in the system to recommend new places and dishes to you. Of course, that’s my overly simplified guess, I’m sure. The magic will be in if it works or not.

I’m sure we’ll hear more in the coming weeks and months.