Video: Deus Ex Human Revolution Will Cure You Of 'Rubbish FPS-itis' (Now With Mysterious Web Site Update)

Giving your Thursday meaning, what we have here is new gameplay footage (again, we need a word to replace “footage”) from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We need more shooters like this, and less shooters like that.

The game, which is scheduled for release in March, 2011 for the PS3, 360, and PC (yes~!), will, I think, be very, very good. I sat in on a demonstration, wow, like a month or two ago, and came away saying, “Yeah, that’s not half bad at all.”

I don’t think it’s a situation where we’ll say “this has nothing to do with Deus Ex” like we could with Fallout 3 and its predecessors.

Mysterious Web site update Squeenix tells me that at 5pm ET you should point your browsers to I don’t know what to expect. I mean, Sarif Industries play a fairly important role in the game, so there’s that.