Photo Sharing Is The Next Evolution Of Social (TCTV)

While photo sharing has always been a popular feature of social networks like Facebook and Myspace, we’ve recently seen an explosion of services that specifically revolve around sharing photos. In the past couple of months apps like Instagram, Picplz, Path all have made huge debut splashes and are scaling fast.

DailyBooth CEO Brian Pokorny holds that the sudden focus on photo sharing can be traced to three things 1) An increase in quality of cameras on mobile devices. 2) Ease of in-app photo consumption. 3) A 3G Internet Broadband connection that allows for faster photo uploading. Because of the confluence of these factors, Photos rather than text have become a mode of communication for their users.”

Pokorny holds that DailyBooth differentiates itself from the other photo sharing apps because it is a “front of the phone” app i.e. it exists primarily to capture user faces which is faster than making a phone call or sending a text if you want to communicate a sentiment. “Inherently there’s friction in writing text, taking a photo is the quickest and richest way to share something,” he explains.

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