Wilson Vs. Doerr. Bubble Vs. Boom. East Vs. West. Android Vs. iPhone. Facebook Vs. The Web (VIDEO)

With Web 2.0 Summit now over, looking back, in my mind, easily the best panel was the one entitled Point of Control: Finance. It featured venture capitalists John Doerr (Kleiner Perkins) and Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures) talking with New York Magazine’s John Heilemann about the state of both investing and the state of the web ecosystem at large. What made it so interesting is that Wilson and Doerr clearly don’t agree on many of the big issues.

This was best exemplified during the portion of the talk when the two give their views on where we are now. While Wilson worries that we may be in the midst of the next “bubble”, Doerr thinks of it as a “boom”. They’re both talking about the same thing, they just view it completely different ways.

Then they go into starting companies on the east coast versus the west coast, the state of angel investing, iPhone versus Android, Facebook versus the web, Google’s ability to innovate, ideas versus innovation, investing in Twitter, etc.

Watch it all above, things start to get more heated about 20 minutes in.

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