China Telecom Denies Internet Hacking Allegations

China Telecom, alleged to have hijacked all that Internet traffic back in April, has denied any wrongdoing. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has not commented on the matter. Hmm…

All of this stems from a report in the recent US-China Economic and Security review that said China Telecom had routed Internet traffic away from its intended destination. The report doesn’t say whether or not the re-routing was done intentionally or not, so who knows.

From here we can go in one of at least two different directions. We can take the popular approach and say demonize China for this or that, without any real proof of whether or not the hijacking was intentional (CYBER WAR~!), or we can say, well, how about we give China the benefit of the doubt? I simply don’t understand what China would gain by so very noticeably fiddling with Internet traffic. It just seems like a waste of time with no real upside.