U.S. Cellular Gets More Android: LG Apex QWERTY-slider on 11/19, Optimus U in December

Man, U.S. Cellular has been all about the Android lately. The Acclaim. The HTC Desire. The Mesmerize. Hell, they’ve even got their very own Galaxy Tab.

Add two more to the list: the QWERTY-sliding LG Apex, and the Optimus U.

The LG Apex (shown above) will come first, with the shelf date currently set just days from today: November 19th. It comes with Android 2.1 (read: not the considerably more up-to-date 2.2) running on a 3.2″ tempered glass touchscreen — and, as you can see in that shot up there, a big ol’ slide out QWERTY keyboard.

As you might’ve garnered from the name, the Optimus U is a U.S. Cellular branded version of the Optimus One, in the same vein as Sprint’s Optimus S or T-Mobile’s Optimus T. Meanwhile, Verizon’s still dancing to their own drum and calling their Optimus One the “Vortex”. Though we don’t have a price yet (besides “cheap”, given that’s the whole reasoning for the Optimus One’s existence), look for the Optimus U to launch sometime in December.