Twitter for iOS now (officially) supports push notifications, coming soon to Android and WP7

Back in those lazy hazy crazy days of September, we wrote that the iOS Twitter app would support push notifications soon.

Well, guess what, guys?! It’s here!

Now you can use Twitter as a form of instant messaging, as the very moment someone you follow @mentions or messages you, you’ll receive the notification on your iPhone/iPad.

What? You don’t have an iPhone or iPad (I hear ya, buddy)? Have no fear, Twitter also today rolled out the ability to receive SMS notifications the moment you get @mentioned — you just have to enable it at (just check the boxes under “Text message notifications”).

Don’t have an iPhone/iPad AND don’t like SMS? Well, dude, this news just keeps getting better! Twitter say that they’re working on bringing push notification to both Android and Windows Phone 7.

Of course, this is old news for the BlackBerry users in the audience, as push notifications were already available for messages on Twitter for BlackBerry. You could also previously receive notifications for messages (as opposed to @mentions) through SMS.

[image + via Venture Beat]