Susan Wojcicki's 5 Ad Products Of Google Christmas

Google has been ramping up its product search and advertising efforts just in time for the holidays. Case in point: At Web 2.0 Summit Google VP of Product Management Susan Wojcicki challenged herself to demo the 5 pretty important Google ad products the company’s released in the past two months or so, in under 10 minutes.

Wojcicki insisted that umbrella theme of all these launches was merging both the online and offline shopping worlds. To mirror the brevity of Wojcicki’s presentation, here is a laundry list of Google’s most recent ad related efforts, below:

1. “In Stock Nearby” Now you can search and receive information directly from local stores to see what’s available and where.

2. “Hyperlocal Mobile SEM” New ad integration shows users distance to the advertiser’s business or location as well as the advertiser’s phone number.

3. “Google Shopper Updates” — Google Shopper, the Google mobile shopping app, now shows you reviews as well as allows you to scan barcodes.

4. “Google Goggles Print Ad Integration” — Links ads in magazines (offline) with online information and sites.

5. “Google Ads Call Tracking Analytics” — Advertisers can now track how many phone calls come in to through Google search, through Google’s own system.

Wojcicki brought up multiple times that most people still think of online shopping and offline shopping as different channels and that Google is trying (really hard) to technologically change this perception. While 42% of in-store sales are motivated by online shopping searches according to Wojcicki,  7% of purchasing is currently done online while 93% is still done in IRL stores.

Google very very obviously wants to be a point of control on that other 93%, see above.