Black Friday Study: iPad Tops Holiday Tech Wish List

Black Friday sales are already all over the place online, particularly for those shiny new tech toys we all love so much. But here’s the thing: nobody has a job anymore. Well, not “nobody,” but with unemployment currently hovering around 10 percent, you’d have to expect that people will curb their spending this year. So goes the conventional wisdom, and you know what they say about conventional wisdom: it’s wrong~! A new survey from Retrevo shows that 78 percent of respondents are willing to spend the same or more on electronics this year as they did last year. Twenty-two percent of people plan to spend less this year on electronics than they did last year.

What’s the number one item on these people’s wish lists?

Let’s see, it begins with an “i” and ends with “pad”…


The last item people are interested in? 3DTVs. Ouch.

Of course, who needs Black Friday this year when you can listen to Ron & Fez in December and win fun and exciting prizes?

Protip: shop online to avoid Wal-Mart stampedes or crushes. You don’t need to fight your neighbor over a no-name flat screen TV.