Bandai To Sell Mini Figure Of That Awesome Life-Size Gundam Statue

I am sure by now every CrunchGear reader knows about that 60-foot Gundam statue that Bandai erected in Tokyo in 2009 (and re-erected again in Shizuoka this year) and that we’ve spent quite a few posts on. In case you’re interested to see the statue live but can’t (Japan is far away for most of you, after all), Bandai today announced [JP] something of an alternative: a mini replica of the statue that’s currently protecting Shizuoka.

Granted, the mini figure just stands 10cm tall when it’s finished, but it looks quite cool (it also includes the “beam saber” in Gundam’s right hand – but this replica of the statue is much cooler.). You will need to buy and assemble of six components (priced at $4.50 each) to build the figure as it’s pictured below (legs, head, etc.).

The components will go on sale in Japan on December 6. Ask your figure import shop or Rinkya to get them for you, as Bandai has no plans of selling the figure outside Japan.