AT&T finally gets a MiFi to call their own, launching Nov 21st (with nasty monthy plans)

Good news, MiFi fans! If Verizon, Sprint, or Virgin Mobile’s MiFi offerings aren’t fitting your portable 3G-fueled-WiFi-Router needs, you’ve now got a fourth option: AT&T. Looks like someone at AT&T got tired of Verizon stealin’ a bit of their iPad thunder with their iPad/MiFi combo packages.

The carrier has just announced their plans to carry the MiFi 2372 beginning on November 21st. It’ll set you back $149.99 out the door, but a $100 mail-in rebate brings it down to $49.99 in the long run.

[Insert joke about AT&T’s network not needing any more stress here.]

The terms for plan pricing/data usage limits aren’t clear just yet — don’t worry, we’re digging. I’ll update this post once AT&T gets back to me.

Update: AT&T got back to us on our pricing/data inquires. $35 per month gets you 200MB of data (Around 17 cents per megabyte. Welcome to the future, folks.) while $60 gets you 5GB (Around 1 cent per megabyte). In comparison, Verizon’s $35 plan nets you 3GB, while their 5 GB plan goes for $50. Virgin Mobile’s MiFi gets you unlimited data for $40 a month. AT&T’s offering looks to be the worst of the bunch.