Optimizely A/B Tests Its Way To $1.2 Million In Funding From A Roster Of Top Angels

Optimizely, a startup that makes it easy to run A/B tests on your website, has closed a $1.2 million funding round, with an impressive (and remarkably long) list of angel investors. The full list: Ron Conway, Chris Sacca, Steve Chen, Paul Buchheit, Ashton Kutcher, Mitch Kapor, Chris Dixon, Joshua Schachter, Naval Ravikant, Ram Shriram, Ariel Poler, Aydin Senkut, Brian Sugar, Deep Nishar, Sam Altman, Steve Huffman, Nils Johnson, Jonathan Heiliger, Keval Desai, Elad Gil, Avichal Garg.


Optimizely, for those who haven’t tried it, lets you run A/B tests on your site by simply adding a JavaScript snippet (you configure the A/B tests themselves and can analyze the results from the service’s dashboard). The service launched in July and has since added a handful of key new features, including integration with Google Analytics (you can track your metrics from within the Analytics dashboard instead of Optimizely’s, if you prefer).

The company says it’s currently tracking around 250 million ‘events’ per month, but it isn’t sharing how many unique users it has signed up so far. It does, however, have some big customers, including the Democratic National Committee, which used it to help optimize its ‘Commit to Vote’ Facebook application.

Optimizely is also using today’s funding announcement to share some older (but cool) news: following the Haiti earthquake earlier this year, Optimizely helped the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund optimize its site — and it wound up driving an additional $1 million in contributions.

Another player in this space is Visual Website Optimizer, which we wrote about here.