Is 3D Support Coming To TiVo? What Does That Even Mean?

Maybe something got lost in translation here, but the British English on this Virgin Media product page for the upcoming TiVo seems to state that their box will be 3D ready. Well, my mid-Michigan English reads that as if TiVo is getting something new. Sigh. Now I’m confused.

Virgin Media,

Our new TiVo® box will be HD and 3D ready, allowing you to get closer to the action

I’m probably reading too much into this, but that statement seems to say that Virgin Media’s TiVo will launch with some new fangled 3D support. Could this mean that Netflix and the other streaming services built-into TiVo are about to get 3D content. Maybe. Or it could just be marketing speak for broadcast 3D like ESPN3D and Discovery 3D, which doesn’t require anything extra to work. So yeah. Sorry for [potentially] wasting your time.