Altec Lansing's Octiv Stage iPad Dock, For The Dock Lover In Your Life

There’s no great shortage of iPad and iPod docks out there, but they’re like popcorn, people can’t seem to stop. Today we have a new option in Altec Lansing’s Octiv series, of which we’ve already seen the Mini and Duo. This one, the Stage, is for your iPad, as you can see.

It costs $150, which seems a bit much, but it does allow you to dock your iPad in either portrait or landscape mode, and it looks like it provides decent oomph in the audio department. I think it would be pretty practical in a kitchen or office environment, where you can just plug it in, let it stream a show or two, and hear it clearly from across the room while you get dinner ready. Then again, most docks are practical that way.

You can pick it up wherever quality Altec Lansing goods are offered, or at their website.