UK entrepreneurs have a perception versus reality problem

Amidst Global Entrepreneur Week, a report from Enterprise UK has found the UK ill-placed for global entrepreneurship.

The survey data gathered online by YouGov and YouGovStone between November 2 and November 4 2010. The total sample targeted UK entrepreneurs and small business owners and the sample size was 1,046 adults.

It found over 50% of the notional adult population want to start a business but only 5.8% are in the actual process of starting a business.The rate of those starting a business in the US is 8 percent, Brazil 15 percent and in China 19 percent.

It estimates an increase in self-employment rates of only 1% (or 300,000 entrepreneurs), would boost the UK’s GDP by around 1.5% and add approximately £22bn to the UK economy.

Although Enterprise education doubles your chances of business success, only four million go through further education each year, and enterprise is still not a staple of the education system.

The YouGov poll, revealed in a government report called “Make a Job, Don’t Take a Job” found that among entrepreneurs:

• 77% want the government to play a key role in supporting entrepreneurs
• 79% agree that the UK’s entrepreneurs are responsible for securing a strong economic recovery
• 65% agree there are good opportunities for businesses right now