Share Your Best iPhone Text Chats With Bnter

In some isolated cases such as the infamous Tiger Woods-mistress texts, SMS messages are not meant to be shared. But more often than not, SMS messages with friends can actually be fairly entertaining. Launched by Texts From Last Night co-founder Lauren Leto and Patrick Moberg, Bnter is a simple way for people to share text messages with their friends in a profile on the web. The startup had previously rolled out its web application a few weeks ago, but is taking its text sharing mobile with the launch of a free iPhone app today.

The app’s functionality is similar to Bnter’s web app, and allow users to post their text messages to a personal profile as well as to Facebook and Twitter. You simply copy and paste your text messages into the posts on Bnter (Leto adds that they are currently developing a more efficient way to embed text messages into the app).

You can then share the conversations with your friends and users can follow other friends to see their text updates (you can find friends via Facebook Connect and Twitter). And you can comment on others text message exchanges. You can also tag texts by subject matter and user, which allows you to categorize your conversations and search for similar conversations by tags.

Leto says the mobile app enhances Bnter’s service even further because it allows users to post their text message conversations on the go. Bnter, which Leto says is a simple form of self-expression, has raised seed funding from a number of high-profile investors including Founder Collective (Chris Dixon), SV Angel (David Lee), High Line Venture Partners (Shana Fisher).