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iGlue, which wants to wikify the Web, launches its semantic content organiser

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iGlue, which wants to “wikify the web“, has officially launched its semantic content organizer and search application.

Three years in the making before being unveiled at TechCrunch Europe’s GeeknRolla event in London last April, iGlue creates an additional information layer over web pages by using natural language technology to understand its content. The browser plug-in or bookmarklet recognises names of relevant entities in text, such as people, geographical locations, institutions etc. and then when a user rolls their mouse over those entities, displays related information, images and videos.

However, where iGlue perhaps comes into its own is that users can contribute to this structured data via the plug-in’s annotation tool by entering their own entries and data, potentially turning any website into a Wikipedia-like resource, hence the “wikify the web” description used by the company.

One of the more clever ways that iGlue structures its data and accepts user contributions is that the system takes account of the relationships that entities can have. So, for example, an annotation for the Swedish pop group ABBA shows not just information about the group as a whole but also entries for each individual band member, such as their bio etc.

It’s perhaps curious, however, to see in4 (the Budapest startup behind iGlue) use its technology first to roll out a consumer-facing product when there are obvious enterprise opportunities in the ability to essentially turn any website or Intranet into a semantically-powered Wiki. That said, it’s not uncommon to see startups use a consumer play more as a shop window or proof of concept for the technology.

It’s also not hard to see how highly targeted and relevant ads could be integrated as part of the structured data that pops up when a user rolls over a certain entity. So it’s possible that an ad play also represents another opportunity for iGlue.

In4 Ltd. is funded by Power of the Dream Ventures (PDV), the Hungarian technology acquisition and development company, along with undisclosed private investors to the tune of $1.1m.

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  • Jason de Nys

    Fun. Let me do a test: Einstein, Aardvark, Timbuktu

    • Jason de Nys

      Okay so it only seems to do proper nouns?

  • Fiona KH

    I tried searching for an independent movie and it didn’t know the movie

  • http://drilll.com Bharath

    Try http://drilll.com. Allows you to explore facts based concepts from wikipedia hidden in any page, and its surroundings.

  • Bobby

    I just used drilll.com and it is great to explore deeper into my topic of my research…

  • http://www.pdv.hu Rozsnyay

    Hi All,

    Please remember that this is just the first step of iGlue. Movies are currently not included in the database, but soon they will be. The current db serves people, geographic locations, institutions, occupations, etc. The annotations as place by the machine are only the beginning. Once the plug-in is installed and run, in the upper right hand side of the screen, next to the scroll bar, you can see a grey button with the iGlue man half visible. Clicking on this will open the iGlue interface. on it a pencil and an eye. With the pencil hand annotations are possible, but to do this you will need to be registered (easy enough.) Once registered click on words in an article to see if there is a match in the current database – remember that right now we have people, places, institutions, religions, occupations, etc. Choose the appropriate database match by clicking on it, and then SET to assign that content to the word selected. In a few seconds the newly annotated word will be highlighted and on mouse over the quick pop up appears giving you quick information. Clicking anywhere in this pop-up will open the IceCube interface where additional, media rich info is available (images, videos, maps).

    Now remember that this info comes from the database we assembled. In a few months users will be able to add to this database akin to writing Wikipedia articles. Until then all annotations are saved and once more data is available it will appear automatically in IceCube.

    One thing to try. Install iGlue on two separate machines. Go to the same page and annotate it. Now find a name, place, locations that is not annotated and annotate it on one of the machines. Because iGlue updates annotations in real time the newly annotated words will appear on the second machine.

    You can also assign multiple annotations to a single word. Here is an example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABBA

    Once the page loads run the iGlue plug-in. As the annotations appear hover over ABBA. iGlue will show you ABBA as the group but it will also show the four people of ABBA.

  • Me@8

    Thanks for the explanation, now its simplier to use iGlue. Maybe they should provide richer how to use docs or vids.. Btw the tool looks pretty awesome!

  • JJ

    Really, really cool. Next generation search. Perfect fit for one of the big players.

  • http://www.pdv.hu Rozsnyay

    If you go to http://www.iglue.com, right above the plugin button, there is a video (our launch video) and underneath it a video link. Click on that to watch a ‘how to install the bookmarklet or plug in’ and ‘how to access the IceCube media interface’ from the annotations.

    Coming up next is a tutorial video on how to annotate words by hand (wiil be up in a few days.)

    After that we will be releasing dozens of additional iGlue features within the next six months so keep using it – there is a lot more to come. A lot more.

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