Facebook Acquired FB.com From The American Farm Bureau To Use Internally

It looks like Facebook did in fact acquire FB.com, according to CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. At the company’s messaging event today, he announced that Facebook bought FB.com from The American Farm Bureau. That organization points to FB.org. Zuckerberg adds that Facebook employees are using FB.com internally now and will have FB.com email addresses.

Zuckerberg told the audience: “The farm bureau has agreed to give us FB.com and we in return have agreed to not sell Farm subsidies.”

Last week, the site Domain Name Wire reported that Facebook had acquired the domain name. Facebook started appearing on the records of the registrar name for the domain, which MarkMonitor was handling (the service is used by many big-name clients to hide their domain transactions). AllFacebook had reported that Facebook was using fb.com.

And we’re reported on Friday that a Facebook employee was boasting that their email address would be getting significantly shorter next week.

It’s still unclear when Facebook bought the URL, but it was thought that FB.com sold to Facebook in September. And we’re also curious how much Facebook paid the American Farm Bureau for the domain.