Facebook: 350M People Using Messaging; More Than 4B Messages Sent Daily

At Facebook’s messaging event today, Mark Zuckerberg revealed a few staggering statistics about the social network’s messaging platform. Zuckerberg said that 350 million members (out of over 500 million members) are using Facebook’s messaging system. So more than half of Facebook’s users are using its messaging platform.

He added that more than 4 billion messages are sent every day, and that number of growing at an alarming rate. Included in this stat are messages and instant messages using Chat. Zuckerberg said that the vast majority of messaging on the platform are one to one messages between two people.

With 350 million members using Facebook’s existing messaging system and 4 billion daily messages sent through the network, it’s no surprise that Facebook would want to own messaging as well as social interactions.

To put the 350 million statistic in context; comScore has reported that Gmail has 193.3 million users, Hotmail/Windows Live has 361.7 million users and and Yahoo Mail is used by 273.1 million users.