Diablo III Coming To Consoles? (Update: Nope)

This is pretty nuts. The Diablo series has always been a mainstay of PC gaming — I mean, the entire game is clicking on things. Yet now Blizzard is hiring lead developers for a console version of the game. How are these poor bastards expected to click?! This thing?

[image source: Flickr]

Blizzard never actually said Diablo wasn’t coming to consoles, but they also never said it wasn’t coming to Macs, and Linux, and Atari 2600. All we know is there is loot involved, and floating health orbs. Apart from that and some skill trees, that’s pretty much the extent of the world’s knowledge about this game… except that now we also know it’s coming to consoles.

Will it be worse? Better? Is it a port? Have they been developing with consoles in mind the whole time? How will you manage your inventory? I like managing my inventory. Don’t take that away from me, Blizzard.

Update: Blizzard has issued a statement saying that they are hiring for a “Diablo-related concept,” but not Diablo III proper. Phew!