Did Tumblr Just Reverse Take Down 4Chan?

Today was supposed to be the day that 4Chan took down Tumblr. Instead, it looks like 4Chan itself is down. Could Tumblr be behind it?

As you can see, 4Chan is down for everyone, not just me. And it has been that way for at least the past 15 minutes. The timing is interesting since it was supposed to be 5 PM ET when the 4Chan DDoS attack was to begin — that was roughly 15 minutes ago. It is possible that Tumblr users, which had been planning a counterattack for tomorrow, moved it up to today to break 4Chan?

Tumblr, by the way, is still very up.

More to come, I’m sure.

Update: It seems quite a few people are seeing various Tumblr sites down as well (though it’s still up for others).

Update 2: And the 4Chan boards are up, but appear full of Tumblr users and a ton of things are 404ing.

Update 3: Says Tumblr founder David Karp:

As always, we’re aggressively suspending any accounts encouraging DoS attacks or other illegal behavior.

Karp also noted that the hacked downtime image I had posted above was fake, so I removed it.

[via Anthony De Rosa]