Weekend Giveaway: Miss The Free iPhone Case Cut-off? We Can Help

Cafepress just launched a line of customizable slide-on cases for the iPhone 4 and they want to give you one of 100 customized cases (albeit customized with the CrunchGear logo, which what we in the jourotainment biz like to call a “bonus”). The cases normally cost $19.99 at CafePress and feature a hard shell, two-piece design that will protect the iPhone 4 from scratches and dings. You can design your own, adding pictures, text, and even a heartfelt message to your love. Mine says “Call Me, Abe Vigoda.”

How do you win? Just send an email to iphonewinner@cafepress.com within the next 24 hours. They will pick 100 random winners from emails received – only one email per email address – duplicates will be deleted. Include your mailing address. Cafepress will not spam you after this.

Good luck, and if you ever spot Abe, tell him I’m still interested in buying his lawnmower.