Three (Lousy) Photos Look To Be The First Taken With The Nexus S

Well looky what we have here.

The other day, Engadget got the first photos of the Nexus S, Google’s sequel to their Nexus One phone. Now it looks like we may have happened upon the first photos taken with the device.

If you look in this Google Picasa album, you’ll see three random photos that appear to be of nothing. But if you click on the photos themselves and hit the “more info” button, you’ll see one very interesting thing about these lousy photos: each list the camera as “google” and the model as “Nexus S”.

Each of these photos was taken last Friday and Saturday, November 5 and 6, presumably from inside Google (they’re not geotagged). We know that the company is currently dogfood testing the device, but roll-out to the general public has been slightly delayed. It would seem that this album (and account) is just a for camera tests (the last one for color specifically).

One thing that will disappoint some: the camera appears to only be 5 megapixels. But that’s in-line with Engadget’s report that the Nexus S is the Samsung GT-i9020, which has a 5 megapixel camera.

Next time Google, might we suggest that you select the “private” photo option on your photo product?