How a flash mob went very, very wrong. Maybe.

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Here’s some weekend stimulus for you. The Ignite London, the super-fast-paced series of talks which is something of an antidote to the TEDx crowd, has re-animated itself and – for some reason – only just uploaded some of the talks from their most recent event way back in March. But this one is definitely worth sharing now.

An excellent talk by Tom Scott (@tomscott) about a “Flash Mob Gone Wrong” during IgniteLDN 2 has now gone live on the main Ignite YouTube channel, and describes how social networks, bulletin boards, video, smartphones and CCTV cameras conspired to produce a bizarre sequence of events. Maybe.

IgniteLDN4 will be in February as part of Global Ignite Week.

  • Daniel Tenner

    I watched this at the time (in fact, I gave a talk there as well, though mine was, I’m afraid, not quite as awesome as this one). It’s a really great talk, worth reposting.

  • MitchH

    So this is just a hypothetical situation? It didn’t actually happen.

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  • Thomas

    No it did not happen. He says it’s hypothetical.

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