Where Does BitTorrent Inc. Go From Here?

Hmm, BitTorrent… that’s still around? I could have sworn plenty of folks, outside of niche communities, had moved onto other avenue by now. But, whatever. The company is now focused on becoming helpful in the streaming space. That is, it aims to help companies like Justin.tv and Ustream lower their monthly bandwidth bill by providing a P2P method of transferring data.

BitTorrent’s (the protocol) creator, and now the chief scientist over at BitTorrent, Inc., Bram Cohen, spoke to NewTeeVee to discuss the future of BitTorrent, Inc.

The company’s software would be useful to people looking to cut their bandwidth bills. It can’t be cheap for Netflix to stream all those movies. So, why not let, in effect, the users themselves pay for that bandwidth?

I can definitely see a certain segment of the population saying something like, “Why should I have to pay for Company A’s bandwidth? Isn’t that why I pay for subscription? And now you also want me to pay for the bandwidth? Hmm…”