Yep, Facebook Takes Control Of Ahead Of Mail Launch

Project Titan is coming. On Monday. That’s what we’ve heard from sources with knowledge of Facebook’s secret mail project. And since we broke that news, there has been a lot of speculation about what domain Facebook might use for these new email addresses. Currently, the popular choice is But while it seemed like Facebook acquired it earlier this year, no one knew for sure. Now it looks like we do.

As the site Domain Name Wire points out, the Whois record for the domain name has just been updated. While is still listed as the registrar name, Facebook is all over the records now as well. Most importantly, the domain namespace servers are now pointing to And Facebook is listed as both the administrative and technical contact.

All of this doesn’t mean that Facebook will use the domain for their mail project, of course. But the timing is interesting, obviously. AllFacebook also reports that Facebook is using internally now. is a service used by many big-name clients to hide their domain transactions. It was thought that sold to Facebook in September, but no one knew for sure because of this mask. But the nameserver change doesn’t lie. Facebook is the father!

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[thanks Andrew]