Aol To Unveil New Aol Mail On Sunday

Aol (err, us, I guess) will relaunch Aol Mail on Sunday afternoon, we’ve confirmed from sources close to Aol (hah). The company is currently the no. 4 webmail provider with around 30 million users.

We’ll have a chance to play with it before then and post a full review along with a conflict disclosure. Things we know now – it’s completely focused on speed, there will be a variety of domain names to choose from (not just and it will be available on The old Aol Mail will stay available for the foreseeable future.

Not exactly the best launch timing I’ve ever seen. And yes, Aol told us we absolutely cannot post that the launch is coming. But the PR person who told us this is also now apparently our own PR person even though we haven’t requested a PR person and really wouldn’t know what to do with one anyway. Apart from doing things to drive her crazy. Thus, this post.

Go team!