Video: Japanese Company Offers E-Money Wristband

Have you ever wanted to do some shopping when you were out jogging or taking the dog for walk – without the hassle of carrying small change? That’s the problem a Japanese company called Hashy Top-In is trying to solve with the “E-Money Band” [JP], a silicon wristband that can be charged with electronic money.

According to Hashy Top-In, buyers can load up to $600 into the wristband by using chargers at Japanese convenience stores and other places. To pay, users just need to tap the wristband’s center piece against a compatible reader installed in convenience stores, department stores or vending machines.

Hashy Top-In’s wristband supports an e-money system called Edy (Edy readers are installed in thousands of shops all over Japan). One wristband costs $36.

Here’s a quick promo video (in Japanese):