Sandbox's international network of young entrepreneurs is looking for the French Mark Zuckerberg

Sandbox, a London-based international network of entrepreneurs under the age of 30, announced this week that it would be launching in France. Funny coincidence, this announcement comes just 1 week before the first edition of TechCrunch France Remix, which will focus primarily on the young generation of entrepreneurs coming out of France.

Sandbox’s global network currently counts 500 members in over 40 countries, including the likes of Rajeeb Dey (CEO of Enternships and O2’s Entrepreneur of the Year), Soraya Darabi (Co-founder of FoodSpooting, former Product Lead for and one of FastCompany’s 100 most creative people) and Suhas Gopinath, who created at the age of 14. And the network, which aims at facilitating collaboration between today’s leaders under 30, isn’t exclusively for tech entrepreneurs either.

France counts a number of incredible entrepreneurs that would fit the bill. I published a post on some of the brilliant youngsters coming out of France on my person blog back in April, including the founders of Feedbooks, PeopleforCinema, Restopolitan and Deezer. A number of the speakers we have lined up for TechCrunch France Remix, like the founders of Owlient, MediaStay, Spartoo and MonShowRoom, would also make terrific additions.

Still, it’s necessary for all potential members to meet certain criteria and apply in order to be part of Sandbox. And everyone needs to be fluent in English – which really isn’t a problem for a majority of the young entrepreneurs coming out of France these days. The best part is, Sandbox doesn’t ask for any membership fees since the business model of this social enterprise is based on various services provided by the organization.

The first event in France will take place on November 26th and the location has not yet been disclosed. Invitations will be distributed via Facebook but don’t hestitate to comment on French entrepreneurs that would make good additions to the group. Hopefully Sandbox will continue to spread its wings and conquer new territoriy in upcoming months.