JackThreads Gets A Makeover In Time For the Holidays (And They Want You As a Member)

Members-only shopping site JackThreads.com just got a redesign and has begun selling more gadgetry including headphones and Nooka watches. We wrote about these boys back when Thrillist bought the company in May. Similar to Gilt Group, the company sells “hot” and “exciting” items popular with the “kids” for up to 80% off, ensuring that legions of web developers can still find skinny jeans.

Why should you care? Well, first, the site offers clothing for less, which is nice. Second, sites like JackThreads are essentially the first boutique e-commerce sites dedicated to the acquisition of the rare and strange and the curation thereof. Fashion has always been a bricks and mortar situation – except, for example, LL Bean catalogs, but that’s not fashion – and this is changing that equation by allowing homebodies the chance to pick up some (trendy) flannel.

The redesign, shown here, adds a bit of an edge to the previous white on black design. It’s not a huge change but they’ve take a more “headline” approach to the product lines and are featuring bolder photos.



The takeaway, obviously, is that ecommerce sites still can exist even in the shadow of Wal-Mart and Amazon. The key, however, is to pound the niche.

BONUS – The first 1,000 users to pop over here will get instant membership and a $10 credit towards purchase. N.B. they will send you emails, so feel free to opt-out.