Early Sales Data Shows Microsoft Sold 425K Kinects, Kinect Sports Is Top-Selling Game

In its first two days of availability Microsoft sold 475,000 Kinect units. Well, according to VG Chartz’s data, and I’m not exactly sure VG Chartz is 100 percent bulletproof. The top-selling stand-alone game (Kinect Aventures was bundled with the Xbox 360 Kinect bundle) is Kinect Sports. After that it’s Dance Central.

You’ll recall that I played Dance Central at E3, promptly making a fool out of myself in the process. I suppose if you’re looking for launch software, though, the game’s not bad.

If the numbers are accurate, and considering Microsoft is said to have allocated $500 million to advertise the Kinect, well, that’s a lot of money spent per unit sold.

But again, it’s not like this is NPD data, so let’s not get too bent out of shape either way.

Microsoft is laughing out loud at the numbers, for example.