PhotoRocket Scores $1.3 Million For Ridiculously Easy Photo Sharing Tool

PhotoRocket, a Seattle-based startup that’s going to make it really, really easy to share photos with your contacts and via social networks, has raised just over $1.3 million according to an SEC filing.

The round brings the total of capital raised by the company to slightly north of $1.7 million.

The company just launched its photo sharing tool in private alpha last week, but I’m dying to try it out after watching the demo video and reading about how it works. Also, PhotoRocket’s management team has been around the block a couple of times in the past, which makes the startup even more interesting to watch.

Currently Windows-only (although Mac and iPhone compatible versions are in the works according to the private alpha sign-up page), PhotoRocket will allow you to share photos stored on your computer with friends and family, and on a host of social networks and photo sharing sites, simply by right-clicking the images.

Which means, no more uploading hassle and fiddling with email attachments and photo resizing, which in turn sounds like music to my ears.

PhotoRocket was founded by Scott Lipsky, an entrepreneur whose most notable accomplishments include being one of the first people to join Amazon’s executive team back in the day, and more importantly founding aQuantive – the company was acquired by Microsoft for roughly $6 billion back in 2007.

Based on the SEC filing, he chipped in for the financing round, as did PhotoRocket CEO Gary Roshak, former VP Mobile Advertisers and Publishers at Yahoo. The third person mentioned in the filing is Jan Hendrickson, who is General Partner at Denny Hill Capital.

Assuming they’re reading along: can you please get me that invitation code asap? Thanks!