Ning Partners With Janrain To Offer Social Sign-Ins To Users

Ning is partnering with user management platform for the social web Janrain to offer Ning Creators the ability to add social login and invite friends features to their members

Ning will offer creators the ability to use Janrain Engage, which allows an app developer’s visitors to sign-in to the app with their existing accounts on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn or other networks and then publish their comments, purchases, reviews or other activities from the app to multiple social networks. Janrain Engage will also remembers an app user’s preferred network on return visits and will provide a single-click return experience.

The integration will essentially eliminate the need for the initial registration process and Ning login creation. While visitors can now log-in to Ning networks with existing their existing social network logins, Janrain will provide Ning Creators with profile data of their users.

Ning has steadily been offering ways for creators to expand their userbase and add innovative apps to their networks, most recently allowing the ability to create mobile apps, branded content and more. Janrain’s log-in system will allow users to offer the ability to perhaps broaden the number of users on the platform by accepting other log-ins.