Want Android on your iPhone? No Computer? No problem!

A year ago, the idea of being able to run Android on the iPhone was damn near laughable. Surely, no hacker was good enough to pull off that feat!

Then this happened, and our minds were blown wide open.

7 months later, the project has progressed enough that just about anyone can do it — in fact, you don’t even need a computer.

Once a fairly complicated process, the whole thing has been diluted down to little more than tapping a few buttons and waiting. The only bad news: you’ll need a jailbroken first generation iPhone , or a jailbroken iPhone 3G. Neither the 3GS or iPhone 4 are supported yet.

Got the required materials at the ready? Redmond Pie has the full breakdown, from installing the new bootloader to pulling down the Android installation. Check it out right over here.