Now Showing At Video Search Engine Blinkx: Profits

Video search engine blinkx has been plugging away at video search for years now. Finally, six years after being founded, and already publicly traded on the London stock exchange, it hit profitability for the first time this year. For the six month period ended September 30, revenues doubled to $27 million and it showed its first profit ever of $2 million (or $0.64 per share on a diluted basis).

Blinkx has a small but healthy business powering video search for a growing list of partners, including most recently with UK-based IPTV set-top box maker Amino Communications to power search for Internet TV. The total number of video searches per day it is powering is now 31.6 million, nearly triple the 13.1 million daily average in the same period a year ago.

Its revenue growth rate is on par with a year ago. If it keeps it up, it will hit $50 million in revenues by the end of this financial year. Blinkx has been moving aggressively into video advertising with its Ad Hoc contextual video advertising and demographic targeting product. The average size for video ad deals is up 40 percent.

If it can score more Internet TV partnerships, it might have an opportunity to take what it’s learned in online video over the past few years and apply it to real TV.