WITN: Even in Jakarta, the Mac vs PC Fanboys Thrash it Out

As promised, now that Sarah has been in Jakarta for a week, it’s time for the second part of our special Indonesian themed edition of Why Is This News?

In this installment, we discuss the conspicuous absence of Facebook and Twitter executives in what is one of their biggest market and Sarah gives her thoughts on a few of the interesting local startups participating in Jakarta’s SparxUp Start Up Awards. She all explains that, even 8600 miles away from the Valley, Jakarta’s young entrepreneurs spend their mealtimes arguing about Mac vs PC.

We taped this video on Saturday afternoon, Jakarta time, before the winners of SparxUp were announced. The good news? Sarah’s favourite startup of the competition, Gantibaju (CEO, Aria Rajasa pictured above, standing with Daily Social’s Rama Mamuaya) went on to win. Hurrah!

Video below.