Video: Verizon Tests A 10 Gbps Connection For Both Upload And Download. Want.


Despite the United States’ position as an Internet powerhouse, the state of broadband in this country compared to some other places around the world is pretty pitiful — both in speed and reach. Google is trying to do their part to fix the speed issue with their 1 Gbps fiber optic network tests. And Verizon is on the case as well — with a 10 Gbps network.

Now, to be clear, the video above is just a test. We’re unlikely to see these kinds of speeds in our homes any time soon. But this is a field test, not a test done in some lab.

And it’s awesome. 10 Gbps both is both the download and upload speed. Watch towards the end of the video when a 2.3 gigabyte movie is transfered in 4 seconds.