So You Want To Start A Web Startup?

Just watch this video, and beware that it’s slightly NSFW, depending on where you W.

Huge kudos to James Yu for making this video using xtranormal and sharing it with us.

Our favorite lines:

Guy: Are you a f*cking idiot? What is your strategy for marketing your website?

Woman: I will send a link to TechCrunch. Then, they will pick it up. After that, I will roll in money.

Guy: Oh my God. You just made my brain hemorrhage. I feel myself dying. Are you happy now? Getting featured on TechCrunch does not equal product success. Getting sustainable traffic and revenues is.

Funny because it’s true. But please don’t stop starting Web startups and sending us links.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll roll in money afterwards, but if your Web startup is viral and game-changing enough, we just might do a post about it.