Lengow's e-commerce optimization solution says hello to Europe

Ok, maybe not all of Europe just yet – but definitely 2 of its most important markets. The Nantes-based startup specializing in e-commerce optimization solutions is announcing its official launch in the UK and Germany.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Lengow, the company founded back in July 2009 provides a centralized interface allowing e-retailers to sell and promote their products across 180 plateforms, including affiliation and cashback sites, social networks, price comparison sites, various marketplaces – the works – starting at 99€ per month. The company also recently launched 2 applications on Facebook : Wishlist and Shoppingbox. Shoppingbox competes with the likes of Boosket (which we covered on TechCrunch France when they launched in September), allowing pretty much anyone to add a boutique to their Facebook Fan Page for 19€ per month.

Now totaling 175, the company has added 100 new companies to its client list since April, which includes MyFab, Darty and Fnac.com.

Interestingly enough, the company already had its eye on attacking the European market before the end of the year when it raised a first round with Kima Ventures back in April. However, at the time Lengow seemed more set on conquering Germany and the Scandinavian markets – not the UK. But looks like the startup has reconsidered its internationalization strategy and is now going after the same markets as ChannelAdvisor, it’s UK-based competitor. Plus, it’s probably a good idea to get the service up and running in English regardless.