Adoptaguy's online "supermarket of love" goes live in the US and soon the UK

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Seems like France is kind of full of dating sites. And that’s probably not so surprising given that the country is often considered one of the most romantic. Hopefully everyone has now heard of Meetic, the French online dating giant listed on the Euronext stock exchange since 2005 who scooped-up’s European division last year. And then there’s a couple newcomers that are making headlines, like SmartDate (who scored €2 million earlier this year so that you can date the friends of your Facebook friends) and AttractiveWorld (the name says it all, you have to be “accepted” to join the online community).

And then there’s Adoptaguy. Let me just preface this with the company’s tagline: “Ladies, find great deals at the supermarket of love.” Yes, it’s cheesy and who knows, that’s probably why it works. Essentially, what sets Adoptaguy apart from a lot of the other sites is that it reverses traditional roles. With a rather humorous e-commerce-like vibe, women go through the site and select the men they like by putting them in their shopping carts – and only those selected few will be able to interact with their “buyers”.

But even if women are going through the motions of “purchasing” men on the site, the service is entirely free for female users. The business model is somewhat inspired by the way men pay to get into night clubs and women often get in for free.

The team came up with the model once they realized that a large portion of women still had issues with dating sites for a number of reasons, one of them being that they may get spammed by uninteresting men. And so now, in an attempt to attract as many ladies as possible, Adoptaguy is free for the females and seeks to put the control in their hands in a rather humorous way.

So how does putting a man in a shopping cart really change things for a woman on a dating site? Beats me. But that being said, there are 3 million people currently using the service, mainly in the 18-30 age-range, with roughly 40% being women. And most of the users of the Paris-based startup are in either France, Belgium or Switzerland. But that’s probably because the site was only in French until recently. The US version of the site is now live and the UK version should launch in the beginning of next year.

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  • caleb

    “humerous” should be humorous at the end of the second to last paragraph

    • Roxanne Varza

      Thank you !

  • Motmaitre

    Women putting men in a shopping cart. Hmm. If the roles were reversed, there would be no end to the outrage. I guess it’s a woman’s world now.

    • technocrat

      Double Standards, women live by em.

      • Allyn

        Your sooo right on. Women scream double standards but ignore their own. Why do men have to pay a cover charge and ladies don’t? Make the men pay is a concept developed my women for sure.

      • Joe Swatzell

        @Allyn…tell me you are kidding. “Why do men have to pay a cover charge and ladies don’t? ”
        IF the ladies are there, men will pay a fortune to get in. If the guys fill the place for free, I would expect a VERY short line of ladies paying to get in. It is economics and a proven business practice. Men will do stupid things in the pursuit of women far more often than the reverse.

    • ka

      Nonsense, guys can do that, it’s called “porn.”

      As for outrage, I doubt there will be any mainly because any sane person knows that a company providing the opposite service would have very few women on its site. I doubt anyone would really object to it existing. (Really stringent manhating feminists of the sort who look for any excuse, perhaps, but I doubt most feminists, or indeed anyone, would care.)

    • Miss Lynn

      I love it. Bout time it’s a woman’s world, lol.

    • Miss Lynn

      Too funny for words. As for the men’s comments and the men themselves above and below who are complaining and whining, maybe women would pick you more often if you quit spitting, quit driving aggressively, acting selfishly, supported your children, and stopped being generally assholes.

      • Bob B

        Totally agree. No doubt they don’t date much and for sure, no LTRs. Sorry for you ladies though.

    • Red

      It’s been happening to women, by men, for centuries. Sure, women bitch about it, but the bottom line is, it still happens. This is no different. Get over it.

  • S

    Just a suggestion guys. BMP images are not designed for the web!

  • Pitt

    “Just a suggestion guys. BMP images are not designed for the web!” . Indeed. And on TC !.. The world isn’t going round…

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  • anardo

    This websites are made for this guys that instead of becoming man, became little bitches!

    I am the price, it ain’t no other way!

  • Michael

    Screw that, I hope it fails.

    • Michael

      I’m not going to pay to line up and see if a woman wants to be with me. I’d rather be a male prostitute for that. At least then it’d be me who got paid.

      • Kris

        You could try to be anyway…but don’t expect to live off the proceeds!

        The fact is many men are only after one-night-stands, booty calls, no-commitment relationships but many women are more serious about wanting to be in a committed relationship. This site makes men pay, which hopefully (but not always) reduces the guys who are only looking for some action to better the chances of women finding someone a bit more serious.

        Every woman I’ve known who has used an online dating site said that most of the men who contacted them were not serious and many of them were not even single!

        And yes, I do realize that there are serious men out there and women only looking for some action…but those numbers are actually pretty small in comparison.

  • Bob

    From my experiences, is better and more user-friendly.

  • Her Majesty

    I wonder if they have double coupon days.

  • rolan

    How do they monetize this site?

  • Merry Mary

    It actually sounds fun . . . because we all (hopefully) will have the best of us come to the surface and have a little joy and humor in the process …. the world can use a lot more of that! We have permission to not take ourselves so seriously and step away from fear and lack, and just let go, trust , and see what happens! I’m game : )

  • Joe

    Another stoopid site. Try going to church. Make yourself go out and do volunteer work. Shut off the computer and take a walk in the neighborhood. Refuse to be infected, instead try being normal. Life is short…don’t live it on-line.

    • Duey

      Than what are you doing here?

      • Pamela

        Lol, Duey, I was about to ask the same thing. He’s on here commenting about people being online, and oh, he’s online himself. Lol, this world is getting crazier by the minute, lol.

  • Dan

    Guys ought to like this. We all think we are “all that” and any self respecting guy would just assume he is a top seller. I know I would be!

  • unlisted

    How sad that there’s now another way to “objectify” relationships between men and women.

    This is not progress; it’s regressing. And disgusting and sad.

    • S.S

      You have the only post that makes sense and is how it actually is…..thanks bud!

  • Karen

    Hey, it’s been a man’s world long enough! I’m all for turning the tables on them and taking over!
    Watch it you guys! We’re out to get ya!

  • ttrexxx

    they stole my idea..I’m going to start a online wife swap meet..two homely 20″s for a 10 40 yr

  • tojo

    “She loves anal”.com, is the only place to use for a sure thing.

  • General Right

    Woman should jump at the chance to provide support for their man! I am tired of all these “Nut Cases” that wrap theirselves in religion, lesbianisn, or some other self centered cause, when they should be doing everything to make a relationship WORK. Ladies it’s easy, you keep your man happy and he will do anything you want.

  • Leon Stark

    It takes men only between two and five seconds to fall in “lust”. It takes ladies one to ten MINUTES to feel ready to consider a man worth the effort. Speed-Dating is for a man to not put both feet in mouth before intriguing a lady. The lady has to make (for herself) a rush decision about a strange male who may or may not be worth the concept. One question: Does the lady get to chat with the man before deciding to “buy”? Kind of like reading the box details and then doing the research behind the picture and the initial description?

  • Glen

    I spent 10 years in Paris and was hooked on a French dating website calle Netclub. I got onto it in 2000. It was free for women because many were reluctant to date someone on the internet then. The ratio was over 50 men for each woman. It was the best dating site I ever found. It was well presented and well organized. I loved it!!! A big triage was necessary, of course. I met great guys, I had long affairs. Then the website was sold to a competitor who altered the format a little and it eventually closed in 2005? I was upset. Meetic was never the same and although they managed to expand to several European countries, I refused to pay for something I was used to have for free and that was in fact way better. I made many good friends among old dates from Netclub that I still have today in Paris! Yes the website will work if the men have a sense of humor. I welcome the new website for all my sisters on the web! I now live with someone significant in the US. So I won’t be able to test it. Good luck and have fun!!!

  • GlenN

    Oh by the way ladies, the dating scene was so much fun in Paris because age is not an issue, many men prefer older, more mature ladies (free in their head) to the point it got ridiculous when 20 some young guys would insist on meeting the 40 some girl who really did not want to be their educator… I think there is too much emphasis on the physical beauty and the cult of youth in the US.

  • http://AOL Madison Stanley

    No Thanks !!! I would rather adopt a poodle ! LOL !!!

  • Jarret

    Men have cronic bitch depedency. To hell with the shorties, let’s erase it. The same broads that tease men with their pious attitude are the ones giving it to me for 200 dollars an hour. Tears over spilt milk can dry ladies.

    Why would I pay to appease a bunch of fcuked up and completely disfunctional, fugly man hating bull dykes when I can just dial seven digits with an area code. (???) I will be seeing you in about thirty minutes ladies. Ha Ha, Ha.

    Keep pretending that you just walked out the convent, before you ring my bell.

  • Jarret

    Men have cronic bitch depedency. To hell with the shorties, lets erase it. The same women that cock tease men with their pious attitude, are doing what ever I want to them for $2oo.oo dollars an hour.

    Why would I want to entice a fugly, competely disfunctional man hating bull dyke that only wants to steal my money and man hood to connect with me?

    The few good looking women that are on the site, I am placing a call to your dispatcher in 10 minutes. When you come by to ring my bell, pretend that you just came out of a convent. That fantasy will cost another $1oo.oo dollars an hour. Ha, Ha, Ha.

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