Facebook Developer Considers Deleting Facebook So He Can Get Some Work Done

This made us smile. Star mobile developer Joe Hewitt just tweeted out the following missive roping Twitter, email and yes employer Facebook into a triumvirate of distraction, calling them “non-work related bookmarks.”

When asked to clarify what he meant in >140, Hewitt responded, “I just mean social media in general. Obviously I keep parts of Facebook open for work purposes, but I was referring to my recreational use of Facebook.”

Hewitt proposes relegating all recreational social media use to the “iPad/iPhone” realm, which is an interesting grouping in light of his boss Mark Zuckerberg’s statement today that “the iPad isn’t mobile” and the fact that Facebook does not yet have an iPad app.

So is he really going to quit social media?

Says Hewitt, “No of course not. Is that even possible these days? :) I was just thinking about restricting email and social media use to my iPad.”

Maybe we’ll be seeing that Facebook iPad app sooner than we think?

Teaser image: el frijole