How To Try 4.2 On Your iPad Right Now

The iOS 4.2 Gold Master for all iOS devices is floating around along with iTunes 10.1, the only version of iTunes that supports the new version. What does this mean? It means you can try iOS 4.2 on your iPad today, as we speak, and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be extremely happy.

4.2 adds real multi-tasking and folders to the iPad, two features that make the device truly shine. I spent an hour yesterday just dragging little icons into each other to organize my extensive Crush the Castle clone collection (including Angry Birds). The update also adds a better keyboard and a few other tweaks that make the iPad really hum. You can also wait a few days to get the real update, but there’s no sport in it.

That said, how can you get to the goods? I got my links from Gumball Tech but their page is currently down so you’ll have to be a clever girl to figure it out. You can also find these on your favorite sharing services, presumably. You will need to download the proper IPSW file and the new version of iTunes.
Do not perform this update if you have a jailbroken or unlocked iPhone.
I repeat:
Do not perform this update if you have a jailbroken or unlocked iPhone. While nothing should happen, there is the possibility your jailbreak/unlock will disappear.

To update your device:
1. Find the following files using your favorite search engine:

iTunes 10.1 Beta 2, Mac OS X – 68.05MB
iTunes 10.1 Beta 2, Windows x86 – 70.9MB

IPSW files (8C134 is the version you’re looking for):

iOS 4.2 GM (IPAD) – 549MB
iOS 4.2 GM (IPHONE 4) – 624.27MB
iOS 4.2 GM (IPOD TOUCH 4G) – 608.65MB

2. Plug in your device and back it up.
3. Install iTunes 10.1.
4. Run iTunes. Click “Update” while holding down Option on OSX or Shift in Windows.
5. Select the IPSW file you just downloaded.
6. Update.
7. ????
8. Profit.

Update: now you can even jailbreak it!